Tourism & Golf in Morocco
Rock the Casbah!


In its efforts and quest for a larger share of the growing tourism market, Morocco is offering many incentives for foreign investment. Morocco's long range plans include the construction of major winter resorts areas seaside resorts, hotels, marinas etc. to appeal to international tourists and business travelers, Morocco provides significant incentives to investors willing to build and operate hotel chains in major resort areas and to create recreational facilities such as golf courses and casinos. Government subsidized financing is available for many tourism related projects especially hotel construction.     













 Additionaly several hotels schools have been opened amd more are planned to provide trained staff for the planned growth in this industry. Located only few miles across the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal, Morocco currently attracts 1.6 million tourists a year. Morocco four imperial cities (Rabat, Meknes, Fes, Marrakech) are rich in cultural attractions. Morocco's climate and geography attract many tourists to its beautiful beaches that stretch for 2000 miles along both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. Surprising to some is the fact that thousands of skiers are drwan each year to the challenging slopes of the Atlas Mountains. Flights from the U.S. and Europe arrive daily in Morocco where travel is made easy for U.S. citizens who do not need to obtain an entry visa.