One of MABC main objectives is to promote and facilitate the HighTech transfer of technology and of know how . We will provide the contacts and the necessary tools in the creation of small entreprises in Morocco with the support of the HighTech institutions.

Taking advantage of MABC geographical base in the New England region known for its excellent colleges and universities, we will focus on the information services and state of the arts technologies in the field of computer sciences, telecommunications and biomedical.

MABC is fully equipped to facilitate the information bridging between Morocco and the United States in the area of college education for Moroccan students, on-job training in corporate america, exchange programs between institutions and promotion of seminiars, around the table discussions and conferences.

MABC is also equipped to provide guidance in HighTech project financing and investment sources, necessary data for project feasibility studies and information and recommendation on regulatory issues.

Morocco, with its a well educated work force in sciences, competitive wages, favorable foreign investment laws and an ideal climate, is the best candidate for american companies seeking to establish a new grounds for offshore software development, hardware integration and product manufacturing. Whether your needs are in telecommunications, telemedecine, information services, manufacturing etc, MABC is ready to help.

MABC members which comprise highly educated professionals in various HighTech industries are ready to be contacted for any of your inquiries.

Aziz Bennani, CFO

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