Partial list of U.S. firms doing business in The Kingdom of Morocco.

Company Name/Affiliation

Sector of Activity

3M Office supplies, Medical devices, Computer supplies,
Air Express International Documents Shipping
Abott Pharmaceuticals
Aga ITT (Shearaton) Hotels
AT&T World Communication Telecommunications
American Chamber of Commerce Trade
American Petrofina Exploration Petroleum
ATE Telecom Inc. Telecom
Andersen Consulting
Apple Computer
Boeing Airplanes
CMS Energy Electricity
Clark Gum Company Candy
Citibank Maghreb Banking
Coca Cola Company Soft Drinks
CPC International Dehydrated food products
Crown Cork & Seal Company Cork, bottle crown
Colgate Palmolive Toothpaste, detergent, etc.
CPC International
Cargill Grain Wheat
Continental Grain Wheat
Digital Equipment Computer
Dairy Queen Frozen yogurt, fast food
Dow Chemicals
Dunkin Donuts Fast Food
Dureacell Batteries
Development Alternatives Inc.
Dexter Shoe
DHL Worldwide Documents Shipping
Eli Lilly International  
Fruit of the Loom Apparel
General Electric Electrical equipment
General Motors Automobiles
Gillette Company Shaving Accessories
Goodyear Company Tires
Holiday Inn Hotels
Hilton Hotels
Hyatt International Hotels
IBM Computer
Ingersoll Rand Construction Equipment
International Finance Corp.
Johnson & Johnson Baby bathroom products
Jordache Apparel, jeansl
Kohler Sanitary Products
King Ranch Cattle (Ranch Adarouche)
MacDonald's Fast Food
Microsoft Computer software
Mobil Oil Corporation Oil Distribution
Motorola Telecommunications
Mid America Intl Consulting Agriculture
McCormick & Co Spices
Merck Sharp &Dohm Chibret
New Balance Sneakers
Otis Elevators
Pionner Hi Breed Intl Seeds
Philip Morris Cigaretts
Pepsi Cola Soft Drinks
Pizza Hut Fast Food
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Perini Corp Construction
Proctor & Gamble Detergent, soap, etc..
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
Price Waterhouse Accounting
Sara Lee Haynes Apparel
Subway Fast Food
Steelcase Strattford Office furniture
Simmons International Mattresses
Touche Ross & Co.  
Union Carbide Agricultural Products
UPS Shipping
Unysis Computers
Westinghouse Radar Surveillance System
Wackehut Corp.
Xerox Photocopying equipment

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