The Foundation    and I Love Morocco (ILOVEMOROCCO.COM)

The Moroccan American Business Council Ltd. Foundation, is an affirmation to MABC's vision on helping the Moroccan Community. It's purpose is to promote the social and economic advancement of the Moroccan community in the United States. The Foundation addresses the needs of the Moroccan small business community and the families involved.

Serving Moroccan businesses and their families through the existing agencies located in their neighborhoods, the Foundation will avoid duplicating existing services by acting as a clearinghouse of available resources as well as developing or coordinating new programs not currently available. The Foundation will also help larger firms to improve their connections with other Moroccan businesses and professionals by developing an interactive database and a directory of businesses.

The Foundation's mission is: "To transform the current social and business environment in our communities into one of a partnership support system. To improve our communities by supporting the creation and retention of jobs as well as continuous education. To transfer economic development and management skills to emerging businesses."

The initial thrust of the Foundation is focused on the economic development of Moroccan merchants and professionals with primary emphasis on linking Moroccan business enterprises to the mainstream economies of the private and public sectors. To that end, the Foundation collaborates with its partners in developing technical and management assistance efforts that allow business owners to enhance their skills and access networks of federal, state and local resources. Among the principal business and sociasl services provided by the Foundation are: