It enables economic operators to import goods which are destined to undergo either a transformation or a processing or to be completed, in suspension of tariffs and of the control formalities of foreign trade relevant to these goods.


It enables firms to introduce on the national territory, in suspension of the applicable tariffs and of the control formalities relevant to foreign trade, some products which are exported as such after having been used without undergoing any transformation.


The bonded warehouse is a system which makes it possible to place in establishments subjected to customs control and for a determined duration:

- the goods destined exclusively for exportation,

- the goods destined to be exhibited in fairs and shows,

- the goods requiring specific installations for their conservation.

The bonded warehouse is a complementary mechanism of the temporary admission system.

In fact, it enables firms to stock the goods they have obtained under the temporary admission system while waiting for their exportation.


It makes it possible to send abroad equipment and products which are to be used during a determined period of time depending on the nature of the equipment, products and works to be carried out.

These equipment and products must return to Morocco as such and duty-free on importation.


It makes possible the temporary exit out of the national territoryof the products which have to undergo some processing or transformation abroad, in suspension of the applicable duties and taxes.

Industrialists generally have resort to this system for two kinds of operations:

- repair of machines,

- processing and transformation (painting, remolding, etc.)

Upon their return from abroad, only the foreign enhanced value is subjected to the duties and taxes payable on importation.


This is a system which enables industrialists to transport goods in bond either on arrival or upon departure from the works, by every means of transportation.

These operations are guaranteed by consignment, warranty or any other kind of guarantee approved by the customs services.

In the importation border office, the customs procedures are very simplified.


The Drawback system starts upon exportation. It enables companies to obtain lump sum reimbursement of the duties and taxes paid upon importation of raw material or semi-finished products used for the manufacturing of exported goods.

The drawback system is a mechanism that specifically answers the needs of the food preserves industry. The goods which benefit from this system and from the reimbursement rates are determined by decree.


It allows for the exportation of products made out of goods of foreign origin for which the importation duties and taxes were paid and the re-importation of their equivalent of raw material and semi-finished products are almost exempt from customs duties.

The benefit from this system is obtainable through a simple request addressed to the Export Customs Office.


It involves the setting-up of premises, subjected to the control of the Customs Authorities, where companies may import, in suspension of duties and taxes, the material, equipment and the parts related thereto, as well as the goods destined to be used by the said material or equipment.

This system makes it possible to draw benefit simultaneously from the advantages of temporary admission and of temporary importation as well as the advantages of the free zones for the companies established all over the territory.